[![Aspose.Slides Cloud][1] of APIs Documentation.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Convert all Slides in a PPTX file to SVG files in one call. Please check [Convert all Slides in a Presentation Document to SVG Format in One Go][2] article for details
  • Support PictureOrganizationChart SmartArt layout type
  • Support new LightStyle1Accent5 value for TableStylePreset enum
  • Support new ImageTransparentColor and ApplyImageTransparent properties for PdfOptions
  • Support NotesCommentsLayouting.ShowCommentsByNoAuthor parameter

Public API Changes

  • image formats (svg, jpg, png, gif and bmp) are available to convert and presentation/saveas resources. They allow to save a presentation as an archived set of slide images
  • some minor additions were made:
    • PictureOrganizationChart smart art layout type
    • LightStyle1Accent5 preset table style
    • ImageTransparentColor and ApplyImageTransparent options for saving in PDF format
    • ShowCommentsByNoAuthor option for saving in PDF, HTML and image (SVG, JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP) format

Aspose Cloud Resources

You may visit the following API resources for getting started and working with the API:

  • [Product Overview][3] – An overview of Aspose.Slides Cloud APIs

  • [Product Documentation][4] – Detailed API documentation with code examples and details about API functional areas

  • [Cloud SDKs][5] – An SDK takes care of a lot of low-level details of making requests and handling responses and lets you focus on writing code specific to your particular project

  • [API Reference Guide][6] – Quickly browse through all Aspose.Slides Cloud APIs and test them in the browser

  • [Aspose.Slides Forum][7] – Our free online support forum where we address your queries and inquiries

[1]: https://blog.aspose.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2017/09/aspose_slides-for-cloud-100.png “Aspose.Slides Cloud”)](https://products.aspose.cloud/slides/cloud)We are pleased to announce the new release of Aspose.Slides Cloud 18.9. We have introduced a number of new features and made a few improvements. We also have made a few changes in the public API. For a detailed note on what is new and fixed, please visit the [release notes section](https://docs.aspose.cloud/display/slidescloud/Aspose.Slides+Cloud+18.9+Release+Notes [2]: https://docs.aspose.cloud/display/slidescloud/Convert+all+Slides+in+a+Presentation+Document+to+SVG+Format+in+One+Go [3]: https://products.aspose.cloud/slides [4]: https://docs.aspose.cloud/display/slidescloud/Home [5]: https://github.com/aspose-slides-cloud [6]: https://apireference.aspose.cloud/slides/ [7]: https://forum.aspose.cloud/