Calculate Cell’s Formula, Sort Table’s Data, Update Chart Properties and apply Rich Text Formatting to a Cell Using Aspose.Cells Cloud 17.7

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the release of version 17.7 of Aspose.Cells Cloud API. Aspose.Cells Cloud is a platform independent REST API that allows developers to process their Excel files on Cloud. This new release comes up with a couple of new features. Developers can calculate cell’s formula using Calculate API, apply rich text formatting to a cell using characters API, sort table’s data using ListObjects API and update chart properties using charts API. Please check Release Notes for summarized information about all the changes in this release.

New Features and Enhancements

Update Chart Properties

We can customize the appearance of charts by setting their properties e.g. Setting the chart area, Setting chart lines, Applying themes, Setting titles to charts and axes and Working with gridlines. Please check this help topic it explains how to update properties of a chart.

    Sort Table’s Data

    To manage and analyze a group of related data, it is possible to turn a range of cells into a list object (also known as an Excel table). A table is a series of rows and columns that contain related data managed independently from the data in other rows and columns. By default, every column in the table has filtering enabled in the header row so that you can filter or sort your list object data quickly. Please check this help topic it shows how to sort table’s data.

    Calculate Cell’s Formula

    Aspose.Cells has an embedded formula calculation engine. It can not only recalculate formulas imported from designer templates but also supports calculating the results of formulas added at runtime. Aspose.Cells supports most of the formulas or functions that are the part of Microsoft Excel. They can be used through the API or using designer spreadsheets. Aspose.Cells supports a huge set of mathematical, string, Boolean, date/time, statistical, database, lookup, and reference formulas. Please check this help topic it shows how to calculate cells’s formula.

    Apply Rich Text Formatting to a Cell

    Apply different kinds of formatting styles on cells to set background or foreground colors, fonts, horizontal and vertical alignments, indentation level, text direction, rotation angle and much more. This help topic shows how rich text formatting can be applied to a cell.

    Aspose.Cells Cloud Resources

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