Extract text from images of PDF files using Aspose.PDF Cloud and Aspose.OCR Cloud

PDF files are widely used among developers as these are easy to create and manipulate with maximum security. PDF files are portable and support interactive functions that make it more popular among different file formats. Now, there might be scenarios where you need to extract text from PDF filesAspose.PDF Cloud allows you to extract text from PDF files in no time. You can also extract text from images using a combination of features of two REST APIs i.e. Aspose.PDF Cloud and Aspose.OCR Cloud.

Consider a scenario where you need to extract text from an image in the PDF file. For this, first you need to extract image from PDF file using Aspose.PDF Cloud REST API. Once you have extracted the image from PDF file, you can now extract the text from image using  Aspose.OCR Cloud REST API. Aspose.OCR Cloud allows you to extract text from BMP and TIFF images. You can extract text and recognize characters from the documents in the cloud using Aspose.OCR Cloud API.

You can also recognize the font attributes from extracted text such as font type, font style and font size through Aspose.OCR Cloud. A series of simple steps allows you to extract the text from images from PDF files in the cloud:

  • Extract image from PDF files using Aspose.PDF Cloud
  • Extract text from images using Aspose.OCR Cloud

We have REST and SDK examples for different programming language that you can utilize to extract text from PDF files or images.

Aspose.PDF Cloud Examples:

Extract particular image from a PDF page with specified size

Extract particular image from a PDF page with default size

Aspose.OCR Cloud examples:

Extract Image Text Using Default Settings

By using Aspose.PDF Cloud API, the image extraction from PDF files is simple and the quality of image is maintained throughout the document’s lifespan. Saapose.OCR API can recognize a collection of characters from the extracted text in different languages like English, French, and Spanish. So using a combination of these two REST APIs, you can easily achieve quality results of text extraction from an image in PDF file.

For more information, you can refer to documentation of Aspose.PDF Cloud and Aspose.OCR Cloud. Please write to us in case of any queries or your requirements of using combination of REST APIs to produce better results. Stay tuned to our blogs for more updates and announcements.