Create, Read and Recognize Barcodes using Aspose.Barcode Cloud

Aspose.Barcode Cloud is a REST API which allows you to create barcodes from scratch and recognize barcodes from the barcode images. It is a cloud based API which can be consumed in the web, desktop or mobile applications. It can also be integrated with other cloud services. A barcode, which is an optical machine readable representation of data, can be presented in two different ways: as parallel lines or as rectangles and other geometric patterns. The first type of the barcodes is also known as one-dimentional (1D), and the second type is known as two-dimentional (2D). Aspose.Barcode Cloud supports both of these types.

Using Aspose.Barcode Cloud API, you can generate barcode images in various formats and recognize barcode from those images as well. You can save the output images either as file or stream. You can also save the output barcode image on the Aspose Cloud server or download it to your computer or device. Creating barcodes using Aspose.Barcode Cloud REST API is very easy and quick which requires only a couple of lines of code. The output barcode images can be in a variety of formats like JPG, PNG, GIF etc. Aspose.Barcode Cloud also allows you to control the look and feel of the output barcode images.

You can define barcode size, border, forecolor and background color. You can also specify the resolution of the output barcode image. It also allows you to produce 2D barcodes. Aspose.Barcode Cloud also supports a large number of barcode types. You can find more details on barcode features and symbologies page. A table of all the supported symbologies is also given below:

Barcode SymbologyBarcode SymbologyBarcode SymbologyBarcode Symbology

The above table contains a list of more than 40 commonly used 1D and 2D symbologies. In order to define a symbology, we need to encode digits and characters of the message along with specifying start and stop markers. We also need to be careful regarding the size of the quite zone and computation of a checksum. Aspose.Barcode Cloud is excellent in taking care of all of these factors and producing quality barcodes. It also recognizes the barcode with great precision and accuracy. You can get started with Aspose.Barcode Cloud cloud API quickly with the help of the examples in our documentation. We have provided examples in various languages like .NET, Java, PHP and Ruby etc. We’re adding examples in other languages as well, so you could create and recognize barcodes in your favorite language.

We have developed SDKs for the Aspose.Barcode Cloud to help you utilize the API in your application without any hard work. You only need to call a couple of methods to generate a new barcode or recognize a barcode from image. Currently, we have provided SDKs for .NET, Java, PHP and Ruby. Please check out either direct REST examples or SDK examples to create and recognize barcodes. Aspose.Barcode Cloud API is platform independent. You can use it in your web, desktop, and mobile applications alike. You can also use it with any operating system and architecture. It can also be combined with other Aspose Cloud REST APIs. For example, you can add the generated barcode in a PDF file using Aspose.PDF Cloud, or insert the barcode in Word document using Aspose.Words Cloud. Getting started is quick and easy!

Just create an account in 15 seconds, get your application information (App key and App SID), and start experimenting with the barcode generation and recognition. We offer a free account to developers. It’s even simpler than “Hello World!”.